We Build Clothes Horse

We're just a small team trying to get people to look their best and feel their most confident - through clothes that fit and inventive use of real data.

David Whittemore

David is an entrepreneur and startup enthusiast. Before founding Clothes Horse, he co-founded V Bespoke, a custom-tailored clothing company, with Vik. Prior to that he was the Senior Product Manager at On Deck Capital, a venture-backed financial services startup. David graduated from Columbia University with a degree in economics and philosophy. In his spare time, David is a competitive sailor, foodie, and explorer of new neighborhoods and continents. David's sartorial inclinations lie somewhere in between the classic, gentlemanly styling of New England and the hipster leanings of his Brooklyn home, with sharply-tailored outfits at all times.


Vik Venkatraman

Vik is an entrepreneur, author, and free thinker. After Columbia University, he started his career as a brand manager at Red Bull where he learned consumer branding from a world-class team. He was a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, where he traveled the world streamlining supply chains, coaxing mergers, and enacting strategy. He founded a beverage company, Star Power which was the first, only, and therefore biggest starfruit juice company in the US. He even published a book, Inspired. After starting V Bespoke with Dave, he saw that there was a great need to make the lives of normal people much better simply by getting them clothes that fit -- a gift that then needed to be shared with the world. In addition to thinking big thoughts, Vik loves a classic charcoal suit, often spiced up with jeans or a waistcoat.


Will Charczuk

Will is a hacker. Before Clothes Horse, he built enterprise-calibre platform components with a specialty in making disparate systems talk to each other. Whether that meant creating Salesforce integrations, office plugins, or working with data from a whole bunch of companies in all different formats, he's right at home. In his spare time, Will likes to take a boat out on the open seas or a bike out onto a mountain twistie. The most contemporary of the group, Will prefers the touch of interesting plaids, thick sweaters and boat shoes with most looks. He holds a BA in computer science from Boston University.