What is Clothes Horse?

Clothes Horse Helps Your Shoppers Find the Clothes that Will Fit Them Best.

Clothes Horse is solving the problem of how clothes fit, once and for all. We recommend sizes based on a shopper's body details and favorite clothes -- right on your site. This individualized, data-driven approach empowers shoppers to make more confident purchase decisions, so you can use Clothes Horse to make more sales, take fewer returns, and benefit from increased loyalty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help brands and retailers provide better shopping experiences and to help apparel shoppers find just the right clothes for themselves.

How Does Clothes Horse Make Such Accurate Recommendations?

We've got a patent-pending set of clever algorithm elves hiding in our computers. We ask you to spare just a few details about yourself - how tall you are, your weight (Yes, your real weight. No, we won't tell anyone), and a piece or two of your favorite clothing. Then we use those along with everything we know about thousands of people like you and the actual measurements of different brands to fill in the blanks. Then, when you're shopping for clothes online, you can use this profile to get really smart about what you're about to buy. Imagine never having to take a blind guess about whether something you like is going to fit you. Our way makes the old way feel so 2009.

What is a Clothes Horse, Anyway?

Glad you asked! Let's consult with our friends, Messieurs Merriam and Webster:

clothes horse [klohz-hawrs] n.

1. A frame on which washed clothes are hung to air indoors.

2. A determinedly fashionable person.

Personally, we prefer the second definition, but the first one is fun too.

Interested in learning more about how Clothes horse can increase your sales, decrease your returns, and get your shoppers the right size?